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  • Drea

Issue 21 - December 10, 2022

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Welcome to the bi-weeky newsletter 'For the Health of It'. Today we learn about a potential dementia vaccine? How to feel less stressed this season, and how genes can seemingly turn on and off!

Have a good day :)



Celebrity Health Spotlight

As someone who's been in the entertainment industry for nearly 50 years, Fran Drescher isn't slowing down anytime soon.

In a new interview for Verywell Health's digital cover story, The Nanny star, 65, opened up about approaching aging head-on and how she's learned to take care of herself the older she gets in order to keep up with her busy career.

"It ain't over until you are," she told the outlet. "There are always things you can work on and improve — especially regarding your health." Drescher explained that she's specifically focused on keeping track of how much stress she allows in her life, which her immune system "responds poorly" to.


Today in Genetics

Gene transcription, the complex process through which human cells read genetic information encoded in DNA, was previously believed to be activated only when particular regulatory factors traveled to certain DNA sequences. A group of Cornell scientists found that certain genes already have their transcription regulatory factors and cofactors in place, but they are in a latent state, according to a recent study published in the journal Genes & Development. These “poised” genes become highly active when the appropriate signals arrive.


This Week's Health Hack

Revisit GRATITUDE this Holiday Season - its for your health!!

Similar to reminding yourself about your values, practicing gratitude can help reframe the comparison and self-judgment often elicited by social media.

“The holidays are a great restart for many to reestablish practices of gratitude, set personal goals, assess growth and lessons learned, and connect more,”

Try writing a gratitude list - yes, even if you don't feel like it - Get really specific about what you're thankful for like your left ear or you're thankful you DIDN'T actually lock your keys in the car today.. whew. Observe how you feel after you've given your thanks and gratitude! Now let's make this a habit.


Now in the News

Here’s some of our favorite moments in the news cycle this week.

Too often, after fruitless searches for a single magic bullet to eradicate chronic back pain, people decide that living with discomfort is a normal fact of life. But living with back pain is not normal, nor is it necessary. This last installment in our back pain series will empower you to create your own, personalized long-term strategy for maintaining back health and living an active, pain-free lifestyle.

Vaccines are arguably one of the greatest inventions of medical science of all time. Now, researchers are looking to take vaccine technology one step further to protect against neurodegenerative diseases like dementia. In this Special Feature, we asked experts about what is currently under development, how a dementia vaccine would work, and how quickly we may see one becoming available to the public.