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  • Drea

Issue 13 - August 20, 2022

Howdy! Welcome to the 13th issue of the bi-weekly newsletter, For the Health of It. In each issue, we cover broad spectrums of health, wellness, and even a little science. We also added a few of our favorite news articles that have been circulating recently.

Today we hear from Gabby Douglas, and her prioritizing of mental health, the interesting research behind why men might be more susceptible to cancer, and a few diet tips to keep us feeling our best.

Have a great day!



Celebrity Health Spotlight

Gabby Douglas Is Taking Time to Focus on Mental Health: 'I Have Carried a Heavy Weight on My Back'. The two-time Olympic gymnast, 26, announced that she's going on a social media hiatus in order to "heal" from the things that she says have been taking a toll on her mental health. Read on for more.


This Week's Health Hack

Take probiotic dietary supplements regularly to better increase your mood - your brain and gut are connected!

While probiotics alone aren't the cure, they could help as an add-on to other treatments.


This week in Genetics

A single gene could stump a deadly parasitic infection! The answer could lie in the "junk" portion of the parasites DNA. Read more now!


Now in the News

Here’s some of our favorite moments in the news cycle this week.

Why are men at higher risk of cancer? Biological differences may be at play! Males get most types of cancer more often than females. A new study finds that frequently cited risk factors do not explain the difference.