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  • Drea

Issue 12 - August 6, 2022

Whew, time flies when you're having fun. Already August!? Welcome to the 12th issue of the new bi-weekly For the Health of It! Today we will cover the latest health news and share some hacks to improve your daily life.

Today we are learning about healthy relationships with food and reviewing what healthy boundaries mean to each of us.

Have a wonderful day!



Celebrity Health Spotlight

Mandy Moore and husband Taylor Goldsmith announced they're expecting their second baby boy this fall! Pregnant Mandy Moore says she will have unmedicated birth due to rare blood disorder. Read on for more.


This Week's Health Hack

Dancing is one of the best ways to boost

your mood and lift your spirits

Beyoncé’s new album is bringing disco back—here’s how dancing can improve your happiness! Read more now


This week in Genetics

Researchers discovered a new set of chemical reactions that use cyanide, ammonia, and carbon dioxide generates amino acids and nucleic acids, the building blocks of proteins and DNA. Read more now!


Now in the News

Here’s some of our favorite moments in the news cycle this week.

Whether you’re dealing with romantic partners, family, friends, or coworkers, maintaining healthy boundaries can help you strengthen relationships, avoid unhealthy connections, and improve your self-esteem and overall well-being.

Sunlight can be a friend — or foe — for those living with psoriasis. Making sure you choose the right sunblock for your sensitive skin can mean the difference between an amazing day outside, and one that’s worthy of nightmares.