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Everything You Need to Know and Understand Your DNA

PhoenX DNA Packages

DNA Sequencing  |  DNA Analysis  |  Genetic Counseling

  • BONUS: 3 Months of Unlimited Telemedicine Consultations


  • DNA Sequencing (with Nebula Genomics) 🧬

    • Whole Genome Sequencing (100% of your DNA decoded)

    • 30x DNA Sequencing Depth (100 gigabytes of DNA data)

    • Clinical Grade accuracy, ready for diagnostics

  • DNA Analysis  🧬

    • Genetic Predispositions on 24,000+ Health Conditions

    • Best dosage, toxicity, metabolism, and efficacy for 800+ drugs

  • Genetic Counseling (with DNAVisit) 🧑🏻‍⚕️

    • 30 minutes Genetic Counseling Session on Phone or Video

    • 60 days to chat online with a licensed genetic counselor about your results

    • Genetic Counselors licensed in your state

  • Telemedicine Consultations (with OurDoctor) 📞

    • 24/7/365 on Phone or Video

    • Unlimited Telemedicine Consultations

    • Prescriptions sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice

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