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All of Your Health 
in One App.

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How it Works
Upload  Your DNA

Import your data from 23andMe,, or any other DNA sequencing solution.

Connect Your Devices

Connect your Apple Watch, Fitbit, or any Smart Device compatible with Apple Health or Google Fit

Tell Us More

Swipe left or right to answer a few questions on your lifestyle, family, and medical history.

We Analyze Your Health 

We use our unique
Data Processing and
AI Technology to compare the information provided to the latest medical and scientific knowledge.

Screenshots of the PhoenX app dashboard
Take Action on Your Health Conditions
  • Know your Genetic Predispositions on 24,000+ Health Conditions, including Lynch Syndrome, Breast Cancer, and 7,000+ rare diseases

  • “Google” your DNA by disease, gene, variant, etc.

  • Get Unlimited access to 24/7/365 Telemedicine Consultations for you and your household*

Health Conditions Dashboard screenshot on iphone
Get the Most Relevant Treatments
  • Know the best Dosage, Toxicity, Metabolism, and Efficacy for close to 800 Drugs

  • Identify Interactions for 12,000 Drugs

  • Get Reminders for your Current Medical Treatments

drug dashboard screen for PhoenX app on iphone
PhoenX app dashboard on phone
Improve Your Lifestyle
  • Track your Physical Activity

  • Get Recommendations on your Nutrition, Vitamins & Supplements, Workouts, and More

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Free Forever

  • Genetic Risks & Predispositions

  • Drug Interactions

  • Real-Time Health Data

  • Lifestyle Recommendations

Coming Soon


Don't Have Your DNA Sequenced?

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Own Your Data

Privacy is in our DNA. We do not share or sell any of your personal or medical information.

Meet the Team
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2022 Nominee Digital Health Awards

Don't Have Your DNA Sequenced?

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